26 de mayo de 2019

How To Properly Install Micro Bead Extensions

Do want natural-looking extensions that would blend seamlessly with your much loved locks? Human Hair Extensions Online will give you exactly what you need. We know how much you value your luscious locks, that's why we'll give you nothing but the best hair products available in the market.You can choose from our variety of human hair extensions that are all of premium quality. We also guarantee you a fast, reliable and affordable service. So, if you want to look naturally beautiful, try our extensions which are all 100% remy human hair.

As lovers and fanatics of hair extensions, we are all in a quest of finding the most natural-looking extensions and the most undetectable method of attachment. You may have tried using tape in, clip in, pre bonded and all sorts of installations just to find the method that would suit you and that you're comfortable with. All these methods give equally satisfying results, the trick is just on how they are applied.

However, a very popular method that has hair enthusiasts flocking to salons and to their trusted hair stylists. This has been popular throughout Australia, USA and other countries for quite sometime already. It has caught the attention of the people, since the rings used in attaching the extensions are smaller which makes them easier to hide and blend in with your own locks.

They are smaller compared to the others and they are so tiny that they can hardly be noticed. They also come in a variety of colors for you to choose from to blend with the natural color of your roots. With micro bead extensions you can now say goodbye to odd and bulky hair. Each piece is inserted through the bead with a small portion of virgin hair threaded into it using a bead loop tool and then secured near the roots by clamping it using pliers. No heat and glue is required in attaching them that's why it is considered as one of the most safe and non-damaging techniques.

They can be worn for 6-8 weeks before they are removed and reinstalled again. They have to be moved up since they grow along with your hair and the beads end up lower down than where they should be. In removing them, they are squeezed in the opposite direction they were tightened. Just a piece of advice, if you want to get better results, it would be best to let a trained professional do the installation and removal.

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